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The results of our work on the audit reports of 2009 and the date of reporting for the 2009 accounting outsourcing.


Audit & Consulting Company 'CFO' joined Auditing Association Commonwealth.

Statutory audit - annual mandatory audit of the state of accounting and financial reporting enterprise. Statutory audit should be conducted by an independent company and in accordance with the law "On Auditing" from 30.12.2008 № 307-FZ.

The results of both statutory audit and proactive audit of the company-client will:

Accounting and tax accounting, preparation of statements - the most routine, complicated and difficult component of any business. But it is extremely important. The negligent attitude to accounting necessarily have a negative impact on business. The peculiarity lies in the fact that errors in accounting, will be felt not at once.

Entrusting the accounting services business, we, your "rear" will be protected going away!

Justice in the field of entrepreneurial and other economic activities carried out by courts of arbitration. The need for recourse to the courts may have multiple reasons: undue additional taxation and fees, failure to counterparty obligations assigned to it by treaties, etc. But before resorting to court is advisable to pre-trial settlement of the dispute: more can be found on our website.

We provide services both on pre-trial, and on the judicial settlement of economic disputes. We are also ready to help you register a company, make changes in USRLE.

Under appraisal understood occupation subjects assessment activities aimed at the establishment in relation to objects of assessing the market or other value.

Depending on the objectives of the evaluation may require evaluation of various methods of market value of intangible, financial and working capital and other assets and liabilities. There may be times as a mandatory evaluation in accordance with the law of 29.07.1998 № 135-FZ "On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation", and cases in which it is expedient to voluntary assessments and examinations.

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